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Sake Sashimi

This recipe serves two people. It's best served with a bowl of sushi rice. Always use fresh salmon for this recipe and serve soon after preparing. This dish does not keep well in the fridge.

Course Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 people


  • 300 g Salmon filet
  • 2 g Wasabi powder


  1. If you have the filet ready, cut and skinned, skip all steps 1 to 11 and go to step 12.
  2. Prepare a long and sharp knife. Sharpen it with a sharpening stone and wash it thoroughly with hot water. If you are working with a whole Salmon fish, start by cutting of the head and the tail.
  3. Remove any intestines/blood/skin/blubber and clean the skin.
  4. Place he knife on the stump where the head was before above the main bone and make a slow and clean cut through the whole fish.
  5. Slowly cut through the fish until you reach the end. Apply more pressure when cutting through any bones.
  6. Now you have one of the two whole filet halves of the salmon fish. You have to perform the previous two steps to the other halve in order to remove the whole fishbone.
  7. Cut of the back edge with the thick skin and the blubber on the top of the filet.
  8. Cut off the stomach blubber including the skin on the bellyside.
  9. Now remove the bones and the white blubber skin on the belly side. Slightly push all bones upwards so you see the pikes.
  10. Put the knife between the the pikes and the filet. Start making a clean cut through, taking away the bones including the blubber skin. Try to take as little as possible away from the filet without leaving any bones.
  11. Now you will remove the bones on the top and thick side of the filet. Gently apply pressure on the filet upwards with your hand until you start seeing the bone pikes. Take a pincer of a special fishbone pincer and start taking out the bones one by one. Keep doing that until there can't find any more bones.
  12. Now you have a whole filet of the salmon ready. For each person you should cut a piece of about 150 g approximately three cm or a little more than one inch in width.
  13. In case you want to barbecue or fry the filet, leave the skin on, otherwise the filet might fall apart. For Sashimi you have to remove the skin.
  14. Turn the filet upside down with the skinless side on the cutting board. Place the knife between the skin and the filet right on the white layer of blubber. Start cutting a slowly along that layer.
  15. Don't move the knife too fast so you can adjust when the cutting angle deviates and starts cutting not only skin away but also parts of the filet. Try to keep the blade cutting right under the layer and also take away the dark purple layer of meat right between blubber and skin. It's not suitable for Sashimi and makes it less tender and soft.
  16. Take the Salmon filet and start cutting away slices off the thinner bellyside of the filet in direction of the broadside until you reach the muscle line in the middle of the filet. Don't cut them to thin.
  17. Now only the thick side of the filet is left. Cut it into two equal pieces through the broadside.
  18. Take each of the two remaining pieces and cut them along their front side into thick pieces.
  19. Take 2 grams of Wasabi powder, put it into a small mini bowl, add a dash of water and mix it until it's a creamy paste.
  20. Put all pieces of Sashimi on a small plate and serve with steamed Sushi rice and a small chunk Wasabi. See also our upcoming Sushi rice recipe.