Manakish are two thirty-something people cooking in their tiny kitchen at home in Vienna, Austria. This food blog is about their passion for cooking and the recipes that were created in their kitchen.

Ali El-Amine Portrait Photo

Ali El-Amine

Ali is editor in chief, hates flour & baking and has surrendered this department unconditionally to Nawal. Still, he holds an iron grip on Lebanese & Far Asian cuisine as well as many other surprisingly good dishes. He also specializes in meat & fish, territory Nawal does not try to gain ground on. And he likes Corgis. (10.10.2017)

Nawal Hahad Portrait Photo

Nawal Hahad

Nawal is editor in chief, specialized on Italian cuisine and baking. She is trying to convince Ali about the benefits of dough, flour and a good stand mixer but he never seems to listen. She enjoys pasta in all varieties and brings birthday cakes to parties. She loves the taste and colour of matcha and thinks that almost anything can be improved if you add a little green. She enjoys travelling the world and looks forward to seeing the ocean all year. She also likes Corgis. And Mini Dachshunds. (22.10.2017).


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